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Brother Robot may be the youngest and some of the best in the industry

Brother Robot, is becoming the youngest sensation of the 3D printing industry. The young brothers, @HabSkibbix and @CalexisAwesome, found their passion for technology at an early age.

Calramon’s twitter bio notes he is the youngest person ever to build a 3D printer. He accomplished this amazing feat at the age of 8. Using a Printrbot Simple Metal kit, he created a fully functioning printer. His goal with 3D printing is to “answer questions no-one is asking”. As you can see these two boys have something special and they are understanding it at an early age.

Brother Robot are offering their 3D services online. Their website notes the brothers began printing professionally in April 2015. The duo have completed numerous jobs for paying customers. You can see some of their work or hire them yourself through their 3d Hubs page.

3D printing seems to be Brother Robot’s main service. Calramon first experimented with 3D printing in 2014 when he built the printer. The machine has since improved. The current verison of their Printer is capable of creating 8″x8″x10″ objects. While 0.4mm is their standard printing nozzle size, the two experiment with different nozzle sizes. The two also print with 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.5mm, and 0.7mm nozzle sizes. And for those wondering, they print with a variety of material. Their website states they have printed copper, brass, bronze, wood, bamboo, and xt carbon fiber to name a few.

Besides 3D printing, the brothers offer services in 3D design and 3D scanning as well. The team designs with Rhino 5.0. They are open to being contacted for quotes. However, scanning is still a work in progress. These two modified Xbox360 Kinect, Sense 3D, and Fuel3D for their scanning services. The Kinect and Sense allow them to create full body scans. Fuel3D is used for facial scans, which the two currently offer free selfie scans with the order of a 3D selfie.

These youngsters are very intelligent kids who will surely have an impact on the industry. be sure to check their website frequently as they are currently building it. And be sure to use them for any printing, scanning, or designing services you need.

We will be sure to follow them closely. And as always, we will be sure to keep you all update as the two continuing creating and innovating.



Photo Credit: Brother Robot

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