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Makies dolls saying goodbye

Disney Acquires Makies Technology for 3D printed Dolls

Makielab is making a move to the US. The company, originally from London, UK and founded in 2012, was recently acquired by Disney. Makies are fully customized 3D printed dolls and toys.

The news broke on a post on Makies‘ Facebook page. Due to a non-disclosure agreement it was a mystery who bought them. Luckily, techcrunch later discovered that Disney will be the new owners. Disney will be acquiring the technology and platform from Makies.

The Facebook post highlights the fact that the company did everything they possibly could to remain intact. However, it seems a down year in 2016 ultimately resulted in the Makies searching for a new owner.

Specifically, the post said, “We tried to continue on the Makies world-takeover independently, but the dream had to end, for all sorts of 2016 – ewww -reasons. We hope our new owner can achieve what we couldn’t on our own for you: thank you, new owner, you are our only hope!”

When the company originally started, they were the world’s first 3D printed toy. The dolls were fully customized and designed through an app. The designer played the app as a game with fashion competitions and trying to create the best wardrobe for your doll.

Techcrunch also noted the company was accepted into Disney’s startup accelerator. Since then, at least part of the company has made a move to the US. While techcrunch was unable to get any numbers or figures for the deal, they found former Makies CEO, Alice Taylor has a new job. Her new title is Director, Studiolabs at The Walt Disney Studios.

It doesn’t seem like we will be seeing Makies back on the market anytime soon. Of course, by the time Disney starts putting products on shelves using this technology we can assume it will be under a different name than before. Like always, we will be sure to bring you more news as Disney begins to utilize 3D printing for bringing their fans more toys.



News via: TechCrunch and Makies

Photo credit: Makies

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