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A New Entry-level Standard: EnvisionTEC Aria 3D printer

EnvisionTEC is setting the bar high with their new premium desktop 3D printer. Aria, is the most powerful desktop printer on the market. Of course, with a label as “most powerful” you know Aria will carry a powerful price tag. The Aria 3D printer can be yours for $6,999.

While the price is on the higher end for desktop printers, it shouldn’t be a surprise for those familiar with EnvisionTEC. As the CEO, Al Siblani, puts it. “For 15 years, EnvisionTEC has been known for its unwavering commitment to delivering professional-grade 3D printers, and we have never wanted to sell a cheap printer.” The company prides themselves on their high performance standards.

Aria 3D printer

Siblani also noted that the company aimed to make Aria a more affordable option for those who wish to use an EnvisionTEC 3D printer. “Today, with the launch of Aria, we remain faithful to our mission of delivering a premium product, but at a more accessible price that gives users a taste of EnvisionTEC’s outstanding quality.”

The hope is that Aria will bring EnvisionTEC’s products to even more homes of 3D printing enthusiasts. Once you see the capabilities of Aria, you just might be convinced to pay the price.

Aria is undoubtedly a piece of cutting-edge technology. It is built on EnvisonTEC’s well-known Micro platform and features the patented firmware and software found in other EnvisonTEC models. These patented technologies offer best-in-class gray-scaling and exposure strategy techniques.

As well, Aria comes loaded with an industrial-grade UV LED light engine and glass build plate. The dual axis Z-slide will produce Z-layers at 25, 35, or 50 microns depending on material type. Touchscreen operation and loaded with Perfactory Software Suite 3.2 and EnvisionTEC Magics are a couple other awesome features of Aria.

Aria is an open materials system. This opens up the possibilities of items you can create with this machine. However, the materials must be certified for use by EnvisionTEC. EnvisionTEC is offering Aria with the choice of four of their most popular materials: EC500, PIC100(G), QView, and RC90.

EnvisionTEC will manufacture the Aria 3D printer in the United States. They are a global leader in 3D printing solutions. They offer an extensive lineup of entry-level to professional and industrial-grade 3D printers. Envisiontec currently offers over 40 3D printers with Aria being their newest model.

Aria is an ideal printer for people who are looking to make jewelry, consumer goods and industrial parts. The printer is capable of much more, but it may be a good idea to make some things you can potentially sell in order to help offset the cost of the 3D printer.

Aria is now available for purchase online here. The estimated delivery is 4-6 weeks from the time of purchase and is currently limited to customers in North America and Europe.

EnvisionTEC’s Aria is setting a new standard for desktop printers in this industry. It delivers reliable, premium performance time and time again. But it will surely cost you up-front to acquire one of these machines. Let us know what you think of EnvisionTEC’s Aria below. And be on the look out for our full review of Aria coming in a few weeks.





News via: Businesswire and EnvisionTEC

Photos via: EnvisionTEC

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