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PassivDom created a 3D printed self sufficient house
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PassivDom 3D prints Zombie-Proof, Eco-friendly home of your dreams

Companies around the globe use 3D printing in hopes of revolutionizing the way we construct homes. It makes sense so many are trying as 3D printing has all the benefits the construction industry needs. PassivDom is the latest company giving the home-building industry a run for their money.

A Ukrainian based company, PassivDom, hopes the world catches onto these make-anywhere self-sufficient homes. As their site states, “PassivDom is the first totally autonomous house in the world that doesn’t need any fuel combustion even in Arctic climate conditions.” Combine all of that with their offer of a “Zombie apocalypse” package and it sounds like the ideal home. Check the video at the bottom to see for yourself.

You may be asking yourself, “What makes PassivDom different from the other homes I read about on this site?” Well where do we start? The homes have a unique modular construction to them. This means the various modules can be pieced together like legos to customize and create a larger building. The homes are completely self-sufficient. Solar panels take care of all electricity including lights, heating, cooling, and appliances. The house can be completely controlled with a mobile app, which we discuss below. Finally, PassivDom’s 3D printed home is mobile, meaning it can be relocated to any area on the planet (yet to be determined if it floats).

We forgot to mention, the home comes ready to live in. From construction it is completely supplied with furniture and appliances that you will need. No need to head to IKEA to get some furniture to fill the space.

“Did you say we can control the house with a smartphone?” You bet we did. This house is a very smart house. The best part is you don’t have to do anything to make it smart, just use your smartphone. All the home devices are connected via the Internet Of Things. In other words, you can easily control all appliances of your home through your smartphone from anywhere. Also, the home uses artificial intelligence to help run it more efficiently. The home is equipped with a “self-learning micro-climate.” This allows the house to  maintain the perfect temperature and humidity levels for your comfort.

Max Gerbut, CEO and Creator, fully backs this creation and is trying to spread word of his project. He has already invested €200,000 of his own, and the company is looking for investors. Gerbut is excited about the possibility of living anywhere you want and off the grid as he said, “Due to the use of advanced materials and unique developments by our engineers, PassivDom has the highest thermal performance among residential buildings. The walls of PassivDom are as warm as brick, being 7,33m thick. Thermal characteristics are high enough to use 20 times less energy than an ordinary building. That’s why it is possible to realize full off-grid autonomy in a cold climate without complex and expensive engineering heating system.”

This is just the latest idea we’ve come across for 3D printing to break into the home-building industry. I for one am excited about this project. Just think an off-the-grid house in the middle of no where, sounds like a dream come true. Be sure to check back on our site to see if the company gets the funding it is looking for. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of Gerbut’s company. Would you live in one of PassivDom’s 3D printed homes?



News via: PassivDom

Photo credit: PassivDom

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